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There was about to be a monumental change in the Gold industry. I was brought on to clean up their identity and bring a world class look to a world class company.

My Roles
  • User Research
  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Front-End Dev
  • Axure RP
  • Sketch
  • Invision App
  • Zurb's Foundation
  • Assembla
  • Github
The Challenge
Many clients simply couldn’t make gold purchases from their mobile phones and on desktop. The experience wasn’t easy to the average person, therefore the business was at a disadvantage for potential profits. People in general aren’t educated in Gold as a financial investment. So our challenge was how can we convey that investing in gold is a wise decision for the financial future of anyone? And how do we make buying gold easy and fun while users feel safe doing so?
Getting To Work
It was time for a complete overhaul for Anthem Vault. An entirely new user experience that included a new user interface design, illustration assets, and a workflow that was smooth to help the users achieve the main objective; buying metals. I worked very closely with a remote team of backend engineers from Scalable Path under an agile workflow.

I began by gathering as much information possible. Doing research and completing a content audit to understand the current user flow and how that aligned with the business objectives.

Activities done to help solve problem:

User Research, Personas, Content Audit

Helped with finding pages with similar content. This helped reduce the amount of pages which also reduced the amount of clicks to achieve certain tasks. This also revealed that critical information that users were expecting was also missing.

Information Architecture

The menu’s and sub categories were now aligned in a way that makes more sense.

User Flow

I created user flows to reduce the amount of clicks involved during the signup process, which demonstrated the steps taken for the user to achieve the main objective, buying metals. 


Since the app had changed so much based on research and user testings. The wireframing process helped me to guide how the new user interface was going to work.

Create a stronger and modern Brand Identity.

We needed an entirely new brand identity which would align with the rest of the Anthem Vault product. For this I created a global brand guideline which sets the stage for the company's expansion from consumer/retail into B2B/institutional.

Design the web pages

With the new brand guideline I was now ready to start designing the landing pages and use a modern web 2.0 feel.

Design App’s Dashboard

I was able to create the full high fidelity prototype. This was then presented to the company’s product manager and team members for more internal testings to help guide and find areas which needed improvements.


Design Illustrations

Created user friendly illustrations to help better communicate concepts.

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