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Blockchain technology was beginning to emerge. It was the perfect time and the perfect solution that allowed moving gold fluidly and freely through the cryptocurrency space

My Roles
  • Research
  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Front-End Dev
  • Bootstrap
  • Atom
  • Heroku
  • Github
The Challenge
AnthemVault needed a new platform that simplified the conversion of a client’s gold savings into a digitized asset that is easy to manage in a global market. Many of their clients simply couldn’t make direct transfers to other user’s accounts without going through intensive process that required lot’s of verification and took a long time.
Getting To Work
At the time of working on this project, blockchain technology was beginning to emerge. Leveraging this new blockchain technology in the cryptocurrency space, the co-founders figured out the perfect solution that allowed for clients to move their gold fluidly and freely, while minimizing transaction costs. I began by gathering as much information possible in digital cryptocurrency wallets to really understand how to best present our users a solution that aligned with the business objectives.

User Research

Information Architecture

The menu and different case scenarios for the actions needed to take place within the platform.

User Flow

I created user flows to reduce the amount of clicks involved during the signup process, which demonstrated the steps taken for the user to achieve the main objective, buying Hayeks, in other words: digital gold coins.


Using a front-end UI kit, I used it as the base to put together the wireframes. There wasn’t much time to go through the proper UX workflow, but still managed to have solid prototypes.

Designing the app’s Dashboard

I was able to create the full high fidelity prototype in front-end code. And had it hosted on Heroku for quick uploads. Click here to preview this prototype. The progress was presented to the company’s product manager and team members for more internal testings to help guide and find areas which needed improvements. Taking this approach really eliminated a lot of time that would of had been spent if I were to design this the traditional way.

Created user friendly illustrations to help better communicate concepts.

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