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It’s like a remote control for your largest single investment, Your Home!

My Roles
  • Co-Founder
  • Research
  • Branding
  • UI/UX
  • Front-End Dev
  • Back-End Dev
  • Axure RP
  • Sketch
  • InvisionApp
  • Bootstrap
  • October CMS
  • Laravel 5
The Challenge
Home inventory is a mess, 80% of Americans don’t know what they own. It’s hard to track your physical possessions for insurance and equity value. In case of disaster, people need to have proof to the home insurance company of your home investments. You struggle to find your receipts, appliance manual, and warranties related to your home. So how do we simplify all of this through an easy to use interface?
Getting To Work
So we broke it down to the minimum MVP. Focusing on the core functionality, the inventory system we took that as the foundation. The app tracks your inventory by logging your purchases, tracking the warranties to those purchases. So you receive your real Inventory Value. The concept behind Invalog’s name came from putting together this “Inventory Value Logging” system.

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

I performed an audit/review of competing websites and apps; Through research and tests through using online services, I put together a summary report about our competitive landscape.

As these markets are growing, they are all attractive for us to be in, but our current operational setup means we are more able to compete in the niche that’s developing for homeowners seeking the All-in-one home management solutions, not just off the shelf home service professionals.

Given all this valuable information, it helped define what our strengths are and how we will compete by delivering a solid MVP.

User Research

I needed to know who are we designing Invalog for. Creating these personas was an iterative process but at the end, I was able to design Invalog with accuracy for the precise user in mind, thus giving me confidence moving forward.

Information Architecture

There are two parts of this project, the actual web application and our marketing site. I first started started structuring the web app, organizing the section and content. We needed this app to be api centric, therefore I built a diagram for how out data was going to be structured. Using this allowed me to build the Information Architecture with more accuracy.

User Flow


Designing the app's interface

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